Saturday, October 16, 2010

Police hand over recovered children

Namugerwa receives her children from Andiru at Old Kampala
Namugerwa receives her children from Andiru at Old Kampala

She put on her uniform, as usual, to go to school and never came back, Christine Namugerwa of Rakai district explained as she reunited with her daughter, Bena Namulindwa. The 13-year-old vanished on August 28.

She later found out that Namulindwa had vanished with a friend, Zulayika Nabona, 13, who used to stay with her parents in the neighbourhood. Nabona, however had been away for some time.

When Nabona's mother, Jane Nanyondo, went to Namugerwa's place to look for her daughter, that is when the two ladies realised that their children were missing.

Namulindwa is a P.6 pupil of Bright Future Primary School in Mabaale village while Nabona dropped out of school after her mother separated from her father.

Nabona was taken by her grandfather, Bumali, of Ziwa village in Rakai near Kyanika while Namugerwa was rescued from her dilemma by a Good Samaritan who had seen a story and a photo of Nabona in the Saturday Vision of October 2, where she called herself Rita Namayanja. In the story, the girl claimed she had a younger sister, Bena Namugera who had remained at Old Kampala Police.

Although the two girls refused to disclose where they had been, Namugerwa was happy to see them alive. The in-charge of family and children protection unit at Old Kampala Police, Margaret Andiru, regretted: It is unfortunate that town dwellers lure these girls with proposals of a good life and pay which they never get.
Kisakye's relatives found after Saturday Vision story

The story of Victor Kisakye, 15, that appeared in Saturday Vision last week has helped to locate the boy's relatives. Her aunt, Joyce Nassuna, the elder sister to his late father, Francis Ndawula, is a business woman at Nakulabye town.

Nassuna sells matooke and charcoal at the market and has a home nearby.

When someone showed me the photo in the newspaper, I recognised him, she explained, refuting allegations that he did not belong to the clan of Kisakye, whom she referred to as Ndawula.

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