Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alex Burrows seemed to bite Bergeron

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- At the end of the first period of the Boston Bruins' 1-0 loss in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals, the usually calm and collected Patrice Bergeron was going after Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows, screaming at him and having to be restrained by the referees. Following the second period, Bergeron told Hockey Night In Canada analyst Elliotte Friedman the reason he lost his cool was that Burrows had bitten his finger in a scrum.

"He bit me," Bergeron said.

Burrows denied it, but could still face discipline from the NHL after replays appeared to show him bite Bergeron's finger during a melee at the end of the first period.

"I don't mind rough play and scrums at the end, as long as it's just pushing and shoving and all that," Bergeron said following the game. "But biting? I mean come on."

Wearing a bandage on his left index finger, Bergeron was adamant that Burrows bit his finger.

In a game with an unexpected amount of edge between teams that meet once a season, Burrows and Bergeron were in the middle of a big scrum behind the Boston net at the end of the first period. That's when Bergeron says Burrows bit down as he reached over a linesman to put his glove in Burrows' face.

"Oh yeah, he did," Bergeron said. "He cut me a little bit on my finger, but I'm not going to complain about it. I'll let the league do their job, but he sure did."



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