Friday, June 10, 2011

Message from the Chief Executive

Since established ERA Technologies has released innovative, easy-to-use products for the Windows platform.

Now, the company responded to the market demand for new software, and came to the market with new, original software.

Our products are recognized across the world as professional and efficient in their categories and have received purchasers' appreciation. Our software are designed with a strong focus on the buyer, released after severe explore and known for their ease of use, integration and broad compatibility with most of today's popular operating systems. They are extremely popular in Internet and have received great recognition of a great number of consumers.

Our company view merge our core values of innovative, standards-based technology and unrivalled consumers support, with a deep commitment to sustainable, environmentally-sound products and services for the international commercial society.

We are motivated for excellence in state-of-the-art international technology services and we will do our best to continue to offer fine solutions to meet the purchasers' need and bring clients more perfect software.

Katula Nicholas,
ERA Technologies

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