Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tim Thomas about to become NHL's busiest playoff goalie

BOSTON —When the Boston Bruins' Tim Thomas makes one save in Game 7, he'll become the busiest playoff goalie in NHL history.

Thomas made 36 saves to help Boston beat the Vancouver Canucks 5-2 in Game 6 on Monday, tying Kirk McLean's 17-year-old record of 761 saves in a playoff season. The stat is important because it demonstrates how vital Thomas has been as the Bruins try to pick up a third Game 7 win on the way to a Stanley Cup.

"He's very competitive," teammate Zdeno Chara said of Thomas. "He always picks up the challenges in the right way and reacts well."

Thomas took the high ground last weekend when Vancouver's Robert Luongo pointed out that he would have stopped the one goal Thomas gave up in Game 5 because of his style.

Thomas didn't say much about it with words, though his play in Game 6 could be viewed as a statement.



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