Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bradley: Yankees don't have it nearly as bad as the Mariners

NEW YORK — When you start to think you have it bad, think again. When you get frustrated, for example, that A.J. Burnett started the season 3-0 and is now just 8-8, just take a deep breath. When you get aggravated that the Mets have little choice but to trade Carlos Beltran and are not likely to get more than a decent prospect in return, shrug it off.

Things could be worse. Your team could be the Seattle Mariners, who in the last three weeks have turned what started as one of this season's feel good stories into a tragedy the likes of which baseball has not seen in a long time.

The Mariners lost their 16th straight game Monday night, falling 10-3 to the Yankees at the Stadium. It's not only the worst losing streak in the Mariners history, it's the longest losing streak in the major leagues since the Royals lost 19 in a row in 2005.



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